Best Selling Organic Ashwagandha 100% with Organic Black Pepper

Our organic Ashwagandha is the result of 14 years of research and development, aimed at extracting the full potential of this fine herb. In order to provide the highest quality, KSM-66® Ashwagandha is produced from roots only, using a highly proprietary process. We ensure that the final product is standardised to include at least 5% of withanolides, as tested by the industry-leading HPLC method. Terra Labs® Organic Ashwagandha has been enriched with organic black pepper, which contains piperine to boost absortpion.

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Highest quality of herbs today means only one thing it has to be certified organic. All agricultural products used by Terra Labs® are organic, as certified by the Soil Association – the leading organic certification body in the UK

All Terra Labs® products are developed with purity in mind. Our products have no fillers, no binders, no stearates, no flowing agents, no alcohol, no rice flower, no synthetic solvents or any other artificial ingredients or preservatives

We are London based company with old British standards for delivering exceptional quality products. Our manufacturing facility is one of the leading in Europe possessing exceptional number of certifications and quality standards

If there is one supplement I would recommend to everybody, it is ashwagandha. I’m less stressed, can work under pressure without panicking, I’m sleeping better and progressing faster with my training.

Olga / Management Consultant

This is the only herbal product I find in the UK that meets my high expectations. Its organic, pure, ksm, standarised, high in withanolides, from roots only. Real king!

Nelson / Software Developer

I am shocked that doctors prescribe synthetic drugs all the time for stress and anxiety problems and avoid natural herbal extracts. Terra Labs ashwagandha is top of the top quality. Really recommending it to all my friends.

Anna / Animation Artist

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